Chalk One Up for Mom

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We’ve all seen those cool chalkboard walls posted all over Pinterest, right?  People put them in their kitchens, dining rooms, mud rooms…..You name it.  Have you ever wondered if they REALLY work?  Is it hard to do? Well, they do work, and it’s actually an easy process!


I painted the bottom half of a wall, many years ago, in my kids' playroom.  And more recently, Denise and I did a large portion of a wall in the store.  Both look great, work perfectly and were easy to accomplish.

All you need it chalkboard paint and a roller.  Easy peasy. Here is what we used.

To start, tape off your walls like you would with any paint project. Next roll on your chalkboard paint with a regular roller brush.  Cover well, be generous with the paint.  The paint will look a little bluish when you first apply and it’s wet. It will darken as it dries. 

Let it dry thoroughly and repeat steps.  It took us 3 coats to get good coverage on our wall.  Let it dry completely then “season” it.  I had not heard of this process until recently and will admit, my playroom was never seasoned - oops. However, we did season the wall in the store by taking a piece of chalk, turning it on its side, and lightly coloring the entire wall.  Yes, it’s tedious, especially on a large area, but it goes fast. It is recommended to cover the entire surface going one direction (like horizontally), then go back over doing the opposite direction (meaning vertically). The purpose of the seasoning is to prep your chalkboard for future writing.  Without this step, you run the risk of never being able to fully erase the first writings on the board.  The seasoning gives your board a foundation layer of chalk that will prevent this.

Finally, wipe all the chalk off with a soft cloth.  This will be a dusty, messy process so plan accordingly.  Once finished, you are ready to roll with your fabulous new chalkboard wall! Color away!


From our Nest to yours,